How to make a DVD cover?

Whether it’s a Flick, a music album, a set of images, etc.,. comprising in a DVD, adding a DVD Cover to it offers a summary regarding the content within it. A lovely to make a DVD Cover may attract the customer saying ‘Hey! take a glimpse here!’, which may convert the customer to buy it.

Let’s see the process how to make a DVD Cover.  A DVD Cover has three parts:

  1. Front. Here goes the title of DVD cover and the graphics representing it
  2. Back. The Back has the insights about the content in the making DVD cover.
  3. Spine. The Spine is a small area between the Front and the Back that normally has the title of the DVD.

You can make a DVD cover in distinctive ways. If you want make a DVD Cover contain only text, you can easily prepare one with Microsoft Word. DVD Cover Maker Softwares like Photoshop can be used to create additional visual attractiveness with the graphics.



(Download DVD covers maker)

Now the process of how to make a DVD Cover.

Get an outline of what you want to project on the making DVD cover.
Decide about the design a DVD cover. If you want to put some graphics, design them using image editing softwares like Photoshop or other DVD Cover Maker software.

Decide about the type of the sheet for the DVD cover. Use quality sheet in the case of graphics. Plan the layout to do the design:

  • Create a new document for the layout with DVD Cover Maker.
  • To design the three parts in a document, make it in the landscape direction.
  • Leave 5 inches of space on all sides.
  • Leave a  small space between the Front and the Back for the Spine to make DVD cover.
  • Here goes the design part for the layout planned above.

Now you have got the blueprint. Project your creativity to create a striking cover. Work more on the front part as it is the visible part when the DVD goes into the shelf to make DVD cover. Design a clean back part that tells the details of the content. Throw the title in the middle part, Spine.

Decorate your DVD cover with the Graphics.
Picture your content on the Front part with graphics. No need to write lengthy text. Just put a picture that depicts your concept in your content.

Add the remaining details
To track the sale of your DVD covers, a barcode is must. So add it on the back side. The details like these should not be left.

To make a DVD Cover, these series of steps should be followed. An attractive DVD Cover is the first step in your sales.

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