How to make DVD cover with Standard DVD Cover template?


Creating some content and writing it into a DVD does not complete the task of preparing a DVD for sale. You have to make DVD cover to make it caught by the eye of the customer, also for the DVD to go from the sales shelf to the buyer’s personal library shelf or to his/her desk.

How to make DVD covers? To design one, you need to know about one. A make DVD covers has three parts. They are front, Back and Spine. Front and Back fits to the positions respectively to their names. Spine is a little space that divides the front and back, at the folding of the make DVD covers. Concentrate on the front part as it is the viewable side to the buyer. Keep spine simple and attractive as it is the one, that is actually viewable when the DVD is placed in a shelf.



(Free download CD DVD Cover Creator with Standard DVD Cover template)

To make DVD covers, grab a software that is made to do this and start doing. Well, you can test a trial version of something like feature rich software, Ronyasoft CD DVD Cover Maker. It comes with some templates to start with and Standard DVD cover template is one of them. Use the template if you do not know how to make a DVD cover. You can find two tiles, one small and one big relatively followed by an image graphic. You can edit all of them with your own content of your making DVD cover. There is a title and five content lines followed by an image graphic. You can edit these also with your own content to make DVD covers. Spine comes in the middle with a title and a small image graphic. Replace all the images with yours. If you do not have any, you can make Standart DVD cover template easily with software like GIMP, Photoshop.

Make the title catchy so that it attracts the buyer instantly. Make the content on the back side of informative so that more information can be feed to the buyer to know more about the product to make DVD covers. Place your logos and other related and important images on the back side to indicate about the nature of the content in the DVD cover. Finally the spine which is the visible part in the frame from the point of view of the buyer. Do not neglect it.

Done with the DVD Cover Maker and now, the printing process. If you do not know how to make a DVD cover, take a look here. That should do your needful.


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