How to make a Blu-ray Cover?

A disc cover gives a helicopter view about the content inside the disc. If it is a Blu-ray movie cover, the cover will have the main characters in the pose that depicts the movie theme. To make Blu-ray covers should be designed keeping the content inside the disc in the mind. It should depict the theme of the content in the disc. You can make Blu-ray covers easily now-a-days with the help of the softwares available. Ronyasoft is such one with rich features, with which you can create your own Blu-ray cover.

How to make a Blu-ray cover? There is nothing much to know about how to make a Blu-ray cover if you continue the reading this article. To create a disc cover, you first need to know about a disc cover and its part. A disc cover can be split up into three parts for designing purpose. The three parts are:

  1. Front
  2. Back
  3. Spine

On the front side, the Front. On the back side, the Back. The Spine in between them. You have to make Blu-ray covers by designing these three parts.



(CD DVD Cover creator + Blu-ray cover templates)

After the installation the software is done, open it to find three options you are provided with. Now you will be taken to a template setup, where you will find the comfort of changing the sizes of the parts I have mentioned above, so that you can get the Blu-ray covers of the size you preferred. Change the sizes according to the your envisioned to make Blu-ray covers. After changing is done, you can save it so that you can use it later. Now using the template you have created, you have to make Blu-ray covers that is appropriate for the content on the disc. Make the design attractive. Place the text content where appropriate.

Choosing the attractive graphics and informative text content is the key here. Blend your thought with your creativity to design an informative and charming disc cover. After the designing is done, you can print it right from the software itself without any difficulty. You can select the print option from the menu. Set the printing options in the options available and set the layout in the printout setup to your preference. You can see the preview before you print the Blu-ray disc cover. Take the print using a quality paper as it elevates your work. You can see all tutorial how to make a Blu-ray cover on home page.


How to create a custom size disc cover?

custom size disc cover 2

You have the content for sale that goes into CDs. A CD Cover gives a glimpse of its inside content. It is useful to attract the customer and engage him/her to know more about it. So designing an attracting CD cover, that attracts the viewer is the key here.

You got the content ready and you want to design a different package, having different size from the  standard one that the CD goes into. In that case, a standard CD cover doesn’t fit here. You have to create your own custom size disc cover. Create a custom size disc cover may be new for you. You can softwares like Ronyasoft CD DVD Label Maker to create your own disc cover one with ease. It provides the necessary tools to get the job done with rich features.



(Download CD DVD Cover creator with Template Generator)

After you are done with the installation, opening the software provide you three options to start with. Select the option ‘Start with the Template Generator’ to start the process. You need to know about a CD Cover before you need to know  about how to create a custom size disc cover. To create your own custom disc cover comprises of three parts, namely Front, Back and Spine. The Front and the Back take the positions of their names. The Spine separates the Front and the Back. Actually, the Spine occupies a very little space compared to the remaining parts, and separating them. Now you can change the sizes to your liking.

Creating a custom size template and saving it helps in further use of it to your other works. You can do it through the custom size template setup. There you can set the sizes of the Front, Back, Spine for create your own custom disc cover. The template will be created according to the sizes set by you. After done with setting the sizes, you have to start the design process. This is a crucial part to attract the customers. You need to design an attractive and charming cover so that the viewer finds it interesting and wants to know more about create a custom disc cover. Do not fill the space available with the colors you like or something like that. A minimal design may win over graphic rich cover. It depends on the theme and the your vision. After done with the design process, print the cover. The software provides the necessary functions to print your CD cover with ease. You can find more here for help how to create your own custom disc cover. You can adjust the size you want as output in the printout setup.

How to create CD case insert?

CD case cover

Do you store multimedia data on your CDs or DVDs? Don’t like the empty CD or DVD case insert? Would you like to create your own CD DVD case insert? Can’t afford the expenditures of create CD DVD case insert? Running business in which need to disseminate Cds case at promotional events?
If answer is to be right then you ought to keep clam and use this amazing software named after “Ronyasoft CD DVD case” for create CD DVD case inserts. This software had handled and tackled all of the above problems. So that’s why it is famous in the field of business.



(FREE Download CD DVD Cover creator)

This product can likewise be utilized for publicizing (for printing CD DVD case insert) which will definitely grow the audience and the customer of a particular product.
Dozens of the software are accessible but people never try to use those on the ground that it consists of many problems. Like you never discover all of the features in one packet/bundle or it interface is usually difficult according to the point of human computer interaction or somehow it is too much costly as compare to its features. Anyhow, you find out that this software’s has all of the features and have no problem at how to create CD case insert.

Although it comprises of best features like aligning the text, quick formatting. One can create the new CD DVD case insert template with custom images, background and colours or can use the default templates.

The software itself interface demonstrates that it is easy to use such as “ABC”. A person with little how know of computer or even small kids can create its own CD DVD case insert case with their favourable characters and cartoons in within few seconds.
Following steps should necessary how to create the CD DVD case insert:

  • Download the software, for this click here for create CD DVD case insert.
  • Extract it and install it on your computer.
  • Choose one of the templates or you can create your own CD inserts by selecting new template button.
  • You can change the span of the CD label.
  • Place the pictures characters and content to the template. You can trim them and can also multiple images. Some of the useful features additionally added to it like quick text editing.
  • Save your label so that you can utilize it again
  • Print a CD DVD case insert with the assistance of the printer but remember use such printer so that you get the best hue and picture quality.

How to print a CD label?

Do you record one of your favourite movies, music and other multimedia files to the CD? Do you feel that the cd label is not enough attractive and motivating? Do you prefer and need to print a CD label. In the event that the greater part of the above inquiry answer is yes then likely the issue is close to be handled. Since know interestingly a software designed in a manner which helps to print your own CD label. This software name which is taking place in the market is the “Ronyasoft CD label maker”.
Ordering for a CD label with particular characters and pictures is quite expensive and the quality does not meet your need. So, to satisfy this necessity and need you can use this specialized software for print a CD label.



(Free Download CD DVD Label Software)

Some other products and software’s are also accessible in the market which is quite tough, to use and understand. That is the primary reason the individual consider that it takes most of the time to create and print your own CD label. But this software is designed in a way that it will never waste your precious time. The software is easy to use such as learning of “ABC”. So that you never miss the opportunity to plan, design and print a CD label.

While using the software you have option to create your own templates or use the existing one. Beside this you can place the custom background, images, characters and hues to the template. At the end you will get the top notch and attractive print your own CD label.

For “How to create and print the CD label” question you need to take following necessary steps:

  • First of all download the software from the Official site.
  • Install the program on to your hard drive.
  • Now choose one of the templates/layouts. You can choose two types of templates with bleeds and without bleeds.
  • You can change the size of the printing CD label.
  • Place your desired pictures characters and text. You can also crop them and adjust the size of the images. Adjacent to this, there other tools for text like aligning, rapid formatting which makes this software more useful.
  • Save your custom CD label so that you never need to create again.
  • Print a CD label with the help of the printer but remember use such printer so that you get the best colour and picture quality.

How to print CD labels and covers with Ready-to-Use Templates?

CD DVD cover templates 2

People might overlook the needs to have a ready to use CD DVD cover and label templates these days and chose to mark their CDs with board marker or even a simple post it notes. While some might prefer to mark their CDs and DVDs that way, it is better to print CD DVD labels and covers so you can have tidier and more thoroughly collections of CDs that is easy to find due to the interactive covers that makes them stands out from one CD to another.

Thankfully, Ronyasoft has brought the latest advancement in CD DVD label and cover template making with their latest software dubbed Ronyasoft’s CD DVD Label & Cover Maker software. By using CD DVD Label & Cover Maker software from Ronyasoft, you don’t have to worry anymore on how to create CD DVD Labels and Covers that is simple yet engaging. With Ronyasoft latest software, print CD DVD labels and covers design job will be much easier and simpler that even people without any design skill can create a beautiful CD cover and label.



(CD DVD Label Maker with Package of templates)

Various templates with powerful customization

Within the Ronyasoft’s CD DVD Label & Cover Maker software lays a compilation of CD Cover templates and labels that offer limitless customization to any form of design that you wish to decorate your CDs with. There are over 20 templates that you can choose from the basic setting, along with an option to save your own premade templates. With the capability even to create your own custom made template, the limit of your print CD DVD labels and covers lies within the boundaries of your imagination

Easy to use interface

Ronyasoft also offers a simple to use interface within the CD DVD Label & Cover Maker software to let you easily designing the CD covers without any needs of design knowledge to operate the software for how to create CD DVD Labels and Covers. You can easily insert any image you want as the background of your CDs and DVDs in a simple manner of point and click on the properties tab. You can also insert a text within the template and moves it around freely to the exact location that you need them to be. With the ease of customization that Ronyasoft has to offer, it takes only your creativity to print CD DVD labels and covers.

Multiple Printer Settings Supported

It is common that you find yourself in confusion to set the printers to print an exact fit of your desired CD size. Every printers has their own settings to print a file and one settings may not give the exact same result as the other printer brand. It is the reason why Ronyasoft’s CD DVD Label & Cover Maker software has compiled every available printer printing settings inside the software. You never need to worry that your printed CD DVD covers will went off from their determined area anymore, since with Ronyasoft’s CD DVD Label & Cover Maker software, you can print CD DVD labels and covers with ease.

Try the product for free here if you wont know how to create CD DVD Labels and Covers

How to make CD inserts with CD Front Insert template?

Creating a CD inserts is by no means an easy task. In the past days, you need to have the knowledge in using Photoshop any other image manipulation software in order to edit an image to be printed for How to make CD inserts. Not only that, you also requires an exact same preset that match with your printer so that print CD inserts will stick to the CD perfectly. Each printer has their own print presets and settings, which makes the overall CD inserts templates creating processes to be arduous and time consuming.



(Download CD DVD Label Maker + CD Front Insert template)

Lucky for you, RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker software is here to help you to print CD inserts in giving an efficient solution to how to make CD inserts in a relatively easy manner.Within the software that RonyaSoft has to over lies a powerful tool that can help you in designing a captivating CD insert templates  – CD Front insert template and labels without any needs for designing knowledge. Featuring an easy to use interface that can be easily operated, RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker is a powerful tools for you in designing various CD insert and CD covers templates with a relatively faster way than a normal procedure took in the past.

Simple yet powerful templates

RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker offers a simple, yet powerful feature that greatly reduce the time needed for designing process callled CD insert templates. Offering various template that you can pick and customize at your own whim, the process in designing an engaging CD cover can be done in an efficient way without spending too much time on setting up the base design first. Not only the CD Front insert template feature saves your time, it can also be saved for the further use or editing in the future

You can also easily customize your CD insert template by utilizing the properties tab within the right side of the program. There are various options that you can choose, from fontype, font size, colors and text aligment to match with whatever design that comes within your mind. With RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker, you can even make CD inserts without any needs for photoshop knowledge!

Various Printer Setting For The Ease of Use

How to make CD inserts? When you have finished and satisfied with your design, you can print CD inserts in a relatively simple manner of clicking the print button. RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker has various printer settings that is optimized to let you print your CD inserts according to the settings of your printer.

Since every and each printer model has their own printer settings, the printing quality of your design might be different when printed on other printer. This is where RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker shines for, by picking up the correct printer settings that matches with your printer model, you can print out a high quality CD inserts regardless whatever printer model you are using now.

With its powerful capabilities and user friendly interface, RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker is the perfect tool in giving you the ideas on how to make CD inserts with a minimum effort and high quality result. So if you want know how to make CD inserts find more info here.