How to create a custom size disc cover?

custom size disc cover 2

You have the content for sale that goes into CDs. A CD Cover gives a glimpse of its inside content. It is useful to attract the customer and engage him/her to know more about it. So designing an attracting CD cover, that attracts the viewer is the key here.

You got the content ready and you want to design a different package, having different size from the  standard one that the CD goes into. In that case, a standard CD cover doesn’t fit here. You have to create your own custom size disc cover. Create a custom size disc cover may be new for you. You can softwares like Ronyasoft CD DVD Label Maker to create your own disc cover one with ease. It provides the necessary tools to get the job done with rich features.



(Download CD DVD Cover creator with Template Generator)

After you are done with the installation, opening the software provide you three options to start with. Select the option ‘Start with the Template Generator’ to start the process. You need to know about a CD Cover before you need to know  about how to create a custom size disc cover. To create your own custom disc cover comprises of three parts, namely Front, Back and Spine. The Front and the Back take the positions of their names. The Spine separates the Front and the Back. Actually, the Spine occupies a very little space compared to the remaining parts, and separating them. Now you can change the sizes to your liking.

Creating a custom size template and saving it helps in further use of it to your other works. You can do it through the custom size template setup. There you can set the sizes of the Front, Back, Spine for create your own custom disc cover. The template will be created according to the sizes set by you. After done with setting the sizes, you have to start the design process. This is a crucial part to attract the customers. You need to design an attractive and charming cover so that the viewer finds it interesting and wants to know more about create a custom disc cover. Do not fill the space available with the colors you like or something like that. A minimal design may win over graphic rich cover. It depends on the theme and the your vision. After done with the design process, print the cover. The software provides the necessary functions to print your CD cover with ease. You can find more here for help how to create your own custom disc cover. You can adjust the size you want as output in the printout setup.

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