Best way how to print CD labels in the Canon MX922 printer

print a CD label

The Canon MX922 printer is one of the latest fine-art technologies which help the user to print directly on the printers, CDs or DVDs. This is a new model printer which has a great feature of technology that allows you to enable it very easily. The Canon CD tray consumes little money to make but it is very efficient to use and maintain. This is because these printers are made by technological equipments that produce obvious outputs to the user. If you want to print CD on Canon printer initially you must enable the printer and it is very easy to do.

The best way to print CD on printer needs some materials to perform operation for Canon MX922 cd printing. Some of the materials are DVD case, flexible plastic binder, spray, small piece of aluminium foil and Canon MX922 cd label tray template. The tools that are needed such as ruler, razer blade and band aids it is optional to use at rare cases. With the help of all these tools and materials you can easily made the CD printer and use it more efficiently. When you use Canon printer you require adapter which is inserted to this printer at the down position.

Requirements of Canon printer

The specific requirement needed for making CD print on canon printer is printer, CD disk, USB cable. How to print CD with canon MX922 printer initially you connect printer with USB cable and perform printing on CD with the help of software. If you don’t have this software let you easily download by visiting the specific website and then download it. Once you have installed the software on your computer then OS will detect the particular software and perform operation in the most efficient way. This process is very easy to use and maintain that it takes only few requirements and lesser time to complete.



(CD DVD Label Maker with Canon MX922 printer CD DVD tray)

The canon printer is highly recommended by user which provides enormous benefits to the user in a simple way. The best way to perform printing task from CD to printer is to access printer menu in the canon drive and finishing the printing process. Before that you have to make some set ups by using various options in the disk drive. The duration to complete this entire process is hardly takes 5 to 6 minutes. The greater advantage of using this product is to save time as well as money for the user.

Features and templates of printing labels

The canon printer has customizable templates that supports all stock papers as well as support all popular CD / DVD printers. Another great thing about this printer is wide range of supporting various paper formats such as A3, A4, A5, etc. It also acts as multilingual user interface which helps to make CD label design by using specific software. Even you can get more info about Canon MX922 cd printing this amazing product with specific details and features on many websites. If you want print CD on canon printer then the customized designed label helps you to make your process to be much easier.


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