How to create and print CD DVD labels using Epson L800 printer?

EpsonL800 CD printing tray

Epson L800 CD printing allows you to design and print excellent labels on CD/DVDs. As soon as you have created new design labels or templates, you can print it on 8cm or 12cm CD/DVD discs. How to print CD with Epson L800 printer? In market several software are there to design CD labels & templates.  Epson L800 CD print software helps in creating labels and directly printed on the discs. Epson software updater helps you to update the software and download of third party applications.  It has 2 additional software’s like “Epson CD print” and “Epson easy photo print”. You can install this software’s easily in your computer where the driver CD is provided by Epson. Epson L800 CD print software are supported for windows, Macintosh and Mac OS 8.6 to 9.x operating systems. Following things is very important when printing labels on CD and DVDs. Always use only the printable discs, for example: printable with ink jet printers and printable on label surface CDs.



(Free CD DVD Label Printer with Epson L800 printer CD DVD tray)

When printing on CD/DVD, low level color saturation is used in order to ensure print quality. Never print anything on CDs before you prepare and write data’s. In case of any finger prints, scratches or dirt’s on the CD surface, it will cause errors when writing data. With the printer, you can start testing to print on spare CD/DVDs. The sprinted surface is smeared after Epson L800 CD printing. After printing has done, allow the CD to dry for 24 hours and just don’t insert into any CD/DVD drives. Never touch it until it is dried completely. Printed CDs should not be placed in direct sunlight for drying. Smearing May occurs because of different levels of color saturation. If you find the CD surface is sticky after drying for hours, its level of color saturation may be high. Using Epson print CD you can able to lower the color saturation levels.

Promoting your business using Epson L800 printers

Epson L800 is an ultra high capacity color printer with low cost ink tank system offering low cost printing per photo at high volumes. The key features of this printer are- print for longer as it has ultra high capacity ink tanks, has six color ink bottles, high quality photos, low cost per printing and have years of warranty. This machine consists of removable paper tray and extra CD/DVD tray helps in printing of labels directly on to the discs – find more here. Its resolution is 5760 dpi, you can just find in its printed photos and labels. Epson L800 CD printing is one of the best CD printer label with good resolution quality. With Epson’s photo editing and enhancement software you can create professional photos with point perfection which has following functions like red eye correction, Epson portrait enhance and Epson photo print. The print speed of photo is high up to 13 seconds per 4R photo and only less time is consumed. Its resolution is 5760dpi and color gamut of 6 inks- promising us printing of highest quality photos.


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