How to make a Blu-ray Cover?

A disc cover gives a helicopter view about the content inside the disc. If it is a Blu-ray movie cover, the cover will have the main characters in the pose that depicts the movie theme. To make Blu-ray covers should be designed keeping the content inside the disc in the mind. It should depict the theme of the content in the disc. You can make Blu-ray covers easily now-a-days with the help of the softwares available. Ronyasoft is such one with rich features, with which you can create your own Blu-ray cover.

How to make a Blu-ray cover? There is nothing much to know about how to make a Blu-ray cover if you continue the reading this article. To create a disc cover, you first need to know about a disc cover and its part. A disc cover can be split up into three parts for designing purpose. The three parts are:

  1. Front
  2. Back
  3. Spine

On the front side, the Front. On the back side, the Back. The Spine in between them. You have to make Blu-ray covers by designing these three parts.



(CD DVD Cover creator + Blu-ray cover templates)

After the installation the software is done, open it to find three options you are provided with. Now you will be taken to a template setup, where you will find the comfort of changing the sizes of the parts I have mentioned above, so that you can get the Blu-ray covers of the size you preferred. Change the sizes according to the your envisioned to make Blu-ray covers. After changing is done, you can save it so that you can use it later. Now using the template you have created, you have to make Blu-ray covers that is appropriate for the content on the disc. Make the design attractive. Place the text content where appropriate.

Choosing the attractive graphics and informative text content is the key here. Blend your thought with your creativity to design an informative and charming disc cover. After the designing is done, you can print it right from the software itself without any difficulty. You can select the print option from the menu. Set the printing options in the options available and set the layout in the printout setup to your preference. You can see the preview before you print the Blu-ray disc cover. Take the print using a quality paper as it elevates your work. You can see all tutorial how to make a Blu-ray cover on home page.